'Red Archirondel'
by Nanette Regan
£263  inc GST

CCA GALLERIES INTERNATIONAL is delighted to take part in the JERSEY FESTIVAL OF WORDS. Our exhibition:  ‘ Jèrriais – the shock of the new ’ leaves no doubt of the fascinating role of Jèrriais in current modern language.

Philip Regan’s typographic print series ‘Endangered Species’ will be on sale alongside film and prints by Rychel Scott. On Wednesday 5 October, from 1pm - 2pm, artist, poet and linguists Geraint Jennings will be reading recent poems and discussing how he attempts to make the sounds of Jèrriais work in the abstract for the ears

By Clare Clinton on 03/10/2016


CCA Galleries International and Jersey Arts Trust are delighted to present Art'chaeology  a multi-regional exhibition of work that has been developed over the past year in France and Jersey. 

The exhibition features new work by Jersey artists Matt Falle and Karen Le Roy Harris alongside works by French artists Amélie Delaunay and Fleur Helluin. 'Art'chaeology' is archaeological residency project that explores links between the artistic and the archaeological; the artworks on show are the artists' response to the project. 


‘Art’chaeology’ has been a unique exploratory project that has seen two artists from each region spend time developing work in

By Clare Clinton on 16/09/2016


CCA Galleries International is delighted to announce two events as part of Bruce McLean's exhibition 'Another Night Out on Sausage Street' hosted in partnership with Lyon & Turnbull Fine Art Auctioneers. 

10th September 10.30am-12.15pm: Lyon & Turnbull Talks, Experts Charlotte Riordan and Trevor Kyle:

'Market Trends in Fine Art' by Charlotte Riordan, Contemporary Art Specialist at Lyon & Turnbull. 

Charlotte will be giving a talk on current market trends in fine art and the links between private galleries and auction houses. 

'Collecting and the Auction House System' by Founding Director of Lyon & Turnbull and Jewellery Specialist Trevor Kyle.


By Clare Clinton on 29/08/2016


'Another Bad Night Out On Sausage Street' by Bruce McLean

CCA Galleries International in partnership with Lyon & Turnbull, fine art auctioneers are delighted to present 'Another Night Out on Sausage Street' 12th September-3rd October: an exhibition by pioneering British contemporary artist Bruce McLean. 

The exhibition will feature over 60 artworks spanning the artist's career including early graphic works, prints, conceptual works, film, photographic work, original works on paper and canvas and even a performance  by the artist on 20th September. 

We are delighted to be working with one of the oldest established auction houses in Scotland, Lyon & Turnbull

By Clare Clinton on 29/08/2016

Nascency - D Ormsby cropped.jpg

Nascency , by David Ormsby

CCA Galleries are delighted to present an exhibition of sculpture by Jersey artist David Ormsby. Following 30 years specialising in oil and pastel paintings, David diversified into three-dimensional work in 2013. Having considered other mediums David chose Maltese limestone for his work because of its classical look and texture.

We are showing a collection of six works by the artist including the beautiful  Nascency  pictured above,

'The Scallop shell represents a protective and nurturing love as well as the beauty of re-birtj and womanhood. The Fibonacci spiral symbolises absolute perfection, unconditional love. Viewed from the

By Clare Clinton on 08/08/2016


Two Different Worlds
Claudia Viveiros Yr13 - Hautlieu

We are delighted to be exhibiting the work of the very talented school age artists from around Jersey who submitted work to our Student Internship Competition.

'The standard of this year's Student Internship submissions exceeded all  expectation. Now that the shortlisted work has been hung in the gallery, the  response from the public has been immense. CCA Galleries International has  always recognised the value of practical experience and are delighted to be  able to offer this to the students in the form of internships with our print  studios Worton Hall, CCA Galleries

By Clare Clinton on 11/07/2016

Our Exhibition of Peter Blake's latest works opened earlier this week. We were thrilled to have Peter and his wife Chrissy here for the opening party, which was a huge success. We thought we'd share a few snaps of the event with you. 

web 8.jpg

The exhibition continues until 20th July, we hope to see you here!

web 2.jpg

By Clare Clinton on 17/06/2016


We are delighted to be exhibiting the work of our Skipton Open Studios 2016 artists in a Taster Exhibition at CCA Galleries International from Thursday 16th June to Sunday 2nd July.

As a member of the Jersey artistic and cultural community we are thrilled to once again be part of this fantastic island-wide endeavor, and to support local artists. For those in St. Helier our Taster Exhibition will offer a cross-section of work by artists taking part in the Open Studios; to help you decide which studios, workshops and events you might like to visit. It will also provide

By Clare Clinton on 06/06/2016


Three years after he opened our beautiful gallery, CCA Galleries International is delighted to welcome Peter Blake back to Jersey for an exhibition of his latest works. 

If you would like to attend the private view please contact us: enquiries@ccagallerieinternational.com. 

Highlights from the exhibition include two Union Flag silkscreen editions made in honour of the Queen's birthday, as well as the highly anticipated 'Love' and 'I Love You Very Much' mixed media editions (a first for Blake). 

‘I am very patriotic and I love the Union Flag; the sense of history it gives, the union between four great countries that

By Clare Clinton on 03/06/2016

faith less.jpg

Faith Less,  2013

CCA Galleries International is delighted to exhibit work by three young British artists: Lucy Farley, Dan Baldwin and Joe Webb in our ground floor exhibition space. 


Dan Baldwin (1972-) creates a unique and immediately recognisable vision in his silkscreen prints. His work is at once both abstract and figurative, reflecting both reality and the world of imagination. Baldwin's subject matter is the interior of his own mind, from rumination on love, memory or philosophical issues, to an airing of opinion on politics and/or current affairs. The work is multi-layered, both physically (Baldwin can use glazes,

By Clare Clinton on 04/04/2016