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The Front Cover

Storm Thorgerson, Storm Studios, Dan Baldwin, Richard Evans, Zacron, Aubrey Powell, Tom Phillips and Sir Peter Blake

4th - 25th November 2022

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CCA Galleries International is pleased to present The Front Cover, featuring works from Storm Thorgerson, Storm Studios, Richard Evans, Zacron, Aubrey Powell and Sir Peter Blake, Dan Baldwin and Tom Phillips. Over the years, Thorgerson and Storm Studios have been responsible for the design of the album artwork of major bands such as Pink Floyd, led Zeppelin, Biffy Clyro, Muse, Black Sabbath, The Cranberries, Genesis, The Alan Parsons Project, Ian Drury, Phish, 10CC and many more. Thorgerson himself came to be recognised as a key figure in the modern Surrealism movement. His technically demanding setups anticipated computer design software such as Photoshop; the artist instead used photography, paint and sculpture to place objects out of their traditional context, and set them in vast spaces to give them a playfully disjointed but thought-provoking new appearance and meaning. Storm Studios was founded in the early 1990’s by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon. Soon after forming, it was joined by photographer Rupert Truman as well as designer and illustrator Dan Abbott who continue to run the company ever since Thorgerson sadly passed away in 2013. The limited editions made from these album covers have been exhibited round the world in London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Norway, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, and now in Jersey courtesy of CCA Galleries International. The studio remains busy with commissions from many of the great bands of the present. CCA Galleries International is proud to be able to present the exciting opportunity to purchase some of the newest editions from Storm Studios, from its St Helier gallery. 
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