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We are very excited to welcome to the gallery the greatly talented and current, Lucie Bennett. This will be the first time Bennett has exhibited on the island and we are delighted to show her work to clients, collectors and supporters in Jersey.

Bennett will be showing some of her sought-after limited-edition silkscreen prints, along with original paintings, some of which are being created for this exhibition. It is a great chance to see the work by one of the UK’s most exciting artists.

Bennett has exhibited widely and internationally since 2001. She gained a BA from Manchester Metropolitan University in Interactive Arts, graduating in 1997. She also studied at École Regionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in France and at Wimbledon School of art.

Bennett has worked across a broad range of mediums including neon, collage latex and laser-cut acrylic. Bennett released her first original screen prints in 2005, and has subsequently built a substantial body of work in the form of limited-edition silkscreen prints, many of which have been made at Coriander Studios. The works are both nationally and internationally recognisable.

Captivating from the onset, colour plays a major part in Bennett’s work. By applying a carefully selected palette she creates an identity for each of her subjects, with bright, hot pinks, oranges and blues suggesting a sense of the playful, while muted tones are paired with more sophisticated and mature poses. Throughout history, the female form has been both celebrated and objectified in art, advertising and the media. Bennett plays with our perception of this by presenting her subjects in the simplest form, encouraging the viewer to identify with the work as they see fit. 

In some of her works Bennett references the traditional view of the female being close to nature by incorporating plant-like imagery, yet with a contemporary take – using striking colour combinations and graphic shapes.  Bennett also uses industrial materials for her paintings – aluminium and gloss paint – this creates something fluid and sensual, exploring the juxtaposition of metal and paint, and the languid forms of the female body.


Bennett has exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Hong Kong and has work in a number of permanent art collections including the Groucho Club, The Allbright and Virgin Group. Her work has been featured in a number of BBC television programmes, including Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice and the piece of feature cinema French Film by Jackie Oudney.


Bennett both lives and works in London.


Exhibition open Friday 25th March – Thursday 14th April.

By CCAI on 18/03/2022