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CCA Galleries International presents three new silkscreen editions 



Created at Coriander Studio, these beautiful original silkscreens are the most recent works in our collection of Lucie Bennett limited edition prints, and see the artist continue to explore female identity and sexuality through her signature pared down lines and carefully crafted colour combinations. 

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Candy Sea, 2022
Silkscreen Print
Edition of 20
1075 x 1120 mm
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Candy Sea is a female form adopting a classical pose with arms lifted out of the frame, presumably raised above her head, drawing the viewer to the centre of the image. Colour plays a significant role in Bennett's work; the candy blue here depicts the sea, Bennett being a keen cold water swimmer. The colour brings a cool sensuality to the pose. 

Candy Sea - Image 2.jpgCandy Sea - Image 1.jpg

Continuing to work in colour, Terracotta presents the image of a seated woman in white against a pale pink terracotta background. 

Lucie Bennett - Terracotta web.jpg

Talking about the work, Lucie said: "I wanted to make an image with a sumptuous colour that wasn't too much of a typical pink. I've been working with clay recently and really love the bisque colour from the first firing in the kiln. This had me thinking about clay, terracotta and its history. I imagined a figure seated in a warm room in a city like Siena, where this earth pigment was produced during the Renaissance"

Bennett Image 1.jpgTerracotta - Image 1.jpg

In contrast, Girl in Ink is absent of colour, encouraging the viewer to focus on the delicate and minimal single line. 

Lucie Bennett - Girl in Ink.jpg

Girl In Ink, 2022
Silkscreen Print
Edition of 50
600 x 890 mm
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Bennett said about Girl in Ink: "I've been doing a lot of line work with Japanese brushes and ink and learning Japanese calligraphy. The brushes have a beautiful flow to them and produce textured brush marks which I wanted to keep visible in some areas of this work. We have added an extra glossy varnish to the printed line which has a satisfying wet 'just finished' inky look to it."

Girl in Ink - Image 2.jpg

Emerging as an artist in the early 2000's, Lucie Bennett has exhibited in London, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore. First and foremost a painter whose preferred medium is gloss paint on prepared aluminium, she has worked across many different forms of media including neon, collage, and laser-cut acrylic. Her first original screen prints were released in 2005 and since then she has continued to build up a substantial body of limited edition works which are collected worldwide.

Purchase any of her limited-edition prints, Candy Sea, Girl In Ink and Terracotta, by visiting the gallery or via phone or email below.

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