21 October - 13 November

The gallery is open from Monday - Friday 12.00 - 6.00pm

The gallery and exhibition will also be open Saturday 24 October  11.00 - 4.00pm

Harti: From Obfuscation to Lucidity- Harti's (aka Sascha Hartmann) debut solo exhibition arrives as a timely reaction to an enervated and assulted global society. Harti's body of artwork, over two decades in the making, is questioning, loud and often unforgiving, stubbornly and roguishly digging to psychological depths in its commentary.

Hart was born in Munich, educated in both Italy and Switzerland before later marrying and raising his family in Glasgow, Scotland and relocating to Jersey. Harti has spent his life observing and studying the diversity and history of cultures and life styles both from a political and societal perspective. Harti's innate questioning nature and thirst for knowledge and understanding of the human psyche led him to qualify as a neuro psychologist from the University of Zurich.

In 'From Obfuscation to Lucidity', Harti aims to stimulate, engage and challenge the viewer to peel back layers of their own mind in combination with the need to entertain. Darkness and light, an overarching juxtaposition in Harti's art works is played with on different levels: good versus evil and comedic pop art versus the manipulation of old Masters that, in itself, offers another playful layer.

For mor information please visit harti-art

By CCAI on 12/10/2020