Sascha Harti

Harti, born in Munich, educated in Italy, Switzerland and later marrying and raising his own family in Scotland before moving to Jersey, has spent his life observing and studying the diversity and history of cultures and lifestyles both from a religious, political and societal perspective. Harti’s innate questioning nature and thirst for knowledge and understanding of the human psyche led him to qualify as a clinical & neuro psychologist from the University of Zurich.


As a musician and composer from a young age, Harti then extended his creative talents into the field of animation. Harti’s life-long professional interests and learning have culminated in an electrifying and truth-telling collection of art expressed on vast canvasses that capture and question the sense & meaning of life, God & belief systems, consciousness vs nothingness, our insignificance in the Universe and quintessentially our lost self.


Harti, has his art denoting from the modernist, pop art movement, with its nod towards the pre-Baroque Tenebrism style for heightened dramatic effect.

Harti’s aim is to stimulate self-auscultation, engage self-archaeology , question every day absurdities and challenge the viewer to peel back layers of their own mind, while combining it with the need to entertain. Are we living in an asylum of the existing in a manifest nothingness? How do we escape the pathological boredom of the understood? Are we as mere accidents, compatible with infinity?


As a story-teller, a truthsayer, a deep-thinker, Harti has waited 25 years to graphically convey his voice through his dramatic artistic commentaries.