Terms, conditions and advice

  1. All artists may submit up to 5 current pieces of work for consideration by the judges.
  2. All artists must submit a complete application form, a non-refundable application fee of £15 per artwork and their images by the application deadline in order to be considered.
  3. Admission fee of £15.00 per artwork. This can not be paid online. It is payable via BACS, credit or debit card over the phone or at the gallery.
  4. A supporting letter of around 200 words may accompany the application. This is not obligatory.
  5. Open to all visual art forms, including film, architecture, painting, sculpture and design. We cannot show food or work that might put the other art work or the gallery at risk. All work is for sale.
  6. All applications and images ( format: jpeg/gif/png, no larger than 2MB) should be submitted via the CCAI website. For film submissions, please upload a still to the site and then contact the gallery.
  7. The application deadline is Wednesday 11 March.
  8. There are 2 selection stages. You will be notified if your work has been shortlisted for the second stage. If your work is shortlisted, the actual work (including frame if 2D) should be delivered to the gallery in order for the judges to make the final selection on Monday, 11 May.
  9. The judges’ decision is final. They may decide to show a number, just one or none of your work.
  10. All selected artwork will be hung and exhibited at CCA Galleries International from Thursday 18 June to Wednesday 29 July.
  11. Storage is limited at the gallery. You will be asked to take your work away again once the final selection has been made. All selected work should be back at the gallery on Mon 8 June for hanging.
  12. All work submitted for hanging in the gallery must be properly framed and fitted with D rings for hanging. If your frame is particularly heavy, these should be fitted towards the top of the verticals, to avoid the picture leaning outwards when hung.
  13. CCA Galleries Int are happy to advise exhibiting artists on pricing and framing.
  14. All exhibited work will be hung, lit and curated by the gallery.
  15. All exhibited work is for sale. The retail price should include 5% gst and a 50% gallery commission.
  16. The event will be publicised in local press, social media and to the CCA Galleries Int community. Artists are encouraged to publicise the event and to invite their collectors, friends and family.
I accept the terms and conditions