Glen Perotte: 2020, a year in vision

15 December - 29 January

An exhibition of 55 high definition portraits taken throughout the year. The exhibition is about its' subjects and is accompanied by their reflections on 2020. The C-type prints combine 6 high resolution prints to give a very honest, detailed and candied look at the sitters. A book of the exhibition is also for sale, with all proceeds going to Jersey Hospice.

Cloe Freeman_FLT.JPG

Essentially, the exhibition is a visual study of 'being human'. Each portrait is accompanied by a written reflection by its' subject. The diversity is heartening and the

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Handmade: original prints
25 November - 29 January

Original prints and new editions by artists including Dan Baldwin, Lucie Bennett, Sir Peter Blake, Rose Blake, Frank Bowling, Barbara Rae, Bruse McLean, Jacky Tsai and Gavin Turk.

Deconstructing the myth: silk screen printing and discussion with Bruce McLean and Gillian Duke, Worton Hall Studios
7 December
Barbara Rae Ice Wall - Avanaata.jpg

 Ice Wall - Avanaata, 2020, limited edition silkscreen, ed 75 by Barbara Rae

Handmade: original prints

25 November - 29 January

CCA Galleries International is known for it's longstanding and significant relationships with the artists it works with. Whether this is mentoring and supporting artists
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